Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is performed to create firm, younger-looking breasts. As we age, many women’s breasts begin to sag and lose the firmness and shape they once had. This effect is worsened by pregnancy, excessive weight loss, and other factors. By tightening the breast skin and lifting the nipple and surrounding area, Dr. Aric Eckhardt can correct unwanted sagging of the breasts.

Dr. Eckhardt will explain the breast lift technique in complete detail during your first consultation. He would also like to discuss your goals. Using information gathered during this visit, he will formulate a precise treatment plan to reach your goals. Breast lift patients generally return to work only a few days after surgery. Full recovery varies among individual patients, but the average recovery period lasts only a few days to a week.

Every day, women experience the fulfillment that breast lift surgery brings to their lives. Firm, sexy breasts can make any woman feel more confident. To schedule a consultation for breast lift surgery, contact Dr. Aric Eckhardt.

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