"Dr. Eckhardt was very nice and professional. I am very happy with the results. I feel more confident and comfortable with myself now; everyone is not staring at me or recognizes me as the girl with a huge chest.  Staff was very nice. It definitely changed my life. Thank You!"


-J.B. Breast Reduction Patient*

Breast Augmentation Surgery
Breast augmentation or enlargement remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures at our practice in the Illinois, Iowa, Quad City area. Women all over the world benefit from its results every day. Breast augmentation gives greater confidence to women who feel their breasts are too small by enhancing both size and shape. Breast augmentation and/or enlargement also provides gratification for thousands of women following breast surgery. Breast implants are only one form of breast augmentation or breast enlargement that we perform at our practice in the Illinois, Iowa, Quad City area (read more about breast reconstruction below). For whatever reason you desire breast augmentation or breast enlargement, you should consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your desires, goals, and expectations.To learn more about breast augmentation, enlargement, and breast implants in the Illinois, Iowa, Quad City area,contact Dr. Aric Eckhardt today.










Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery can be an incredible relief for women with unusually large, sagging, or disproportionate breasts. Women with large breasts know how uncomfortable they can make your daily life. Pressure from bra straps causes pain in the shoulders and back. Many women who have breast reduction also comment on how much more confident they feel about their body, and say that they feel their reduced breast size better fits their inner image. Dr. Aric Eckhardt also regularly treats men with unwanted extra fat in the chest area with a similar procedure. Regardless of gender, breast reduction is truly a wonderful area of plastic surgery, and patient satisfaction rates among the most popular procedures available at our Quad City-area practice.

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is performed to create firm, younger-looking breasts. As we age, many women’s breasts begin to sag and lose the firmness and shape they once had. This effect is worsened by pregnancy, excessive weight loss, and other factors. By tightening the breast skin and lifting the nipple and surrounding area, Dr. Aric Eckhardt can correct unwanted sagging of the breasts.

Breast Reconstruction
Breast reconstruction is one of the most rewarding procedures performed at our center. Advancements in technology and synthetic materials allow us to potentially create a breast that looks and feels completely natural.

There are many options available in breast reconstruction. These include immediate versus delayed reconstruction, and the use of your own body’s tissue to recreate a breast versus the use of a tissue expander followed by placement of a permanent implant. The pros and cons of each option as well as the risks and benefits of each procedure will be thoroughly discussed. These surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and a brief hospital stay may be required.

Considering a Breast Augmentation AND Lift combined procedure? 

"I went Dr. Eckhardt for an abdominoplasty and got a miracle. Dr. Eckhardt removed all of my moles and excess skin effortlessly. My stomach is so much flatter that people think I have had a breast lift and enhancement. I could not possibly be happier with my results. I plan to see Dr. Eckhardt for additional work and have recommended him to several friends. I could not have found a more caring and dedicated physician, one of my better choices in life."


-L.L. Abdominoplasty*

Body Lift Following Bariatric Surgery

A body lift is similar to other surgical lifts, but works on a larger scale to remove excess skin all over the body, including the midsection, thighs, back, arms, and breasts. By removing excess skin and tightening the remaining tissue, a body lift can create a more toned, attractive appearance.

Due to the magnitude of a body lift, some scarring is inevitable. However, with careful placement and surgical precision, Dr. Aric Eckhardt strives to reduce it to an acceptable level. Dr. Eckhardt performs body lift surgery on a regular basis, constantly improving the lives of formerly heavy individuals. Body lift patients now enjoy a truly slimmer body and a heightened level of self-confidence they have never before experienced. Contact Dr. Aric Eckhardt today to find out more about this exciting new procedure!



Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures today for both men and women at our practice in the Illinois and Iowa, Quad City area. There are some areas of the body that simply do not respond to diet and exercise. If you are one of the many people whose body collects deposits of fat in certain areas, you could benefit from liposuction. While a healthy diet and proper exercise are the best ways to maintain a shapely body, liposuction can be used for the areas that do not respond to these habits.



Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tuck
Tummy tuck surgery has never been safer or more effective at our Quad City-area practice. Tummy tuck, medically known as abdominoplasty, creates a more attractive abdominal area by removing excess skin and fat, as well as tightening the abdominal muscles. Both men and women benefit from tummy tuck procedures at our Quad City-area center. The best candidates are those in good health who are unable to improve upon the abdominal region despite diet and exercise. Tummy tuck surgery is also very popular for women who have had pregnancies or extreme weight loss, which stretches their skin and abdominal muscles. Anyone with excess skin and subcutaneous fat can benefit from the enhancement to both appearance and self-esteem that is achieved through tummy tuck at our Quad City-area center.

Face Lift

Facelift surgery is the most effective procedure performed to turn back the hands of time. Facelift is also one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed at our clinic in the Illinois, Iowa, Quad City area. As we age, there are many factors that make us look older than we feel. The effects of gravity, sun exposure, stress, and other factors combine to create an appearance that doesn’t accurately represent how we feel about ourselves.




Rhinoplasty — Nose Surgery
Many would argue that the nose is the most defining component of one’s face, as its size and shape greatly affect the way we look. With advancements in technology, rhinoplasty can change the size and shape of your nose with the most precise results ever. Rhinoplasty patients of our clinic in the Quad City area of Illinois and Iowa, often request the removal of a nasal bump or altered projection. Dr. Aric Eckhardt can also correct a crooked nose, drooping tip, and obstructed airways. In fact, rhinoplasty is frequently performed to correct breathing problems caused by misshapen internal nasal structures.


Otoplasty — Ear Surgery
Commonly referred to as ear surgery or ear pinning, otoplasty is performed to correct the size, shape, and/or placement of an individual’s ears. While otoplasty is most commonly performed for children between the ages of four and 14, many adults are also attracted to the appearance-enhancing capabilities of this procedure. However, Dr. Aric Eckhardt recommends that children be seen as early as possible to prevent the ridicule and teasing that are common among young children.

Blepharoplasty — Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery can do wonders for anyone suffering from heavy, drooping eyelids. If your eyelids feel heavy, impair your vision, or make you look more tired than you feel, you may be an excellent candidate for eyelid surgery. By eliminating the excess skin and fat deposits collected around your eyes, this procedure creates a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Forehead Lift — Browlift

A forehead lift, also known as a browlift, restores a youthful appearance to the upper area of your face by correcting drooping eyebrows and reducing forehead lines that make us look sad, angry, or tired. This procedure is safe and effective in raising the forehead and eyebrow area with carefully placed incisions.




"My eyes make me look so much younger now that the black puffy circles are gone, and my eye lids look so much better!"



-M.S. Upper Eye Lid, Blepharoplasty*

"This has been my 2nd surgery with Dr Aric Eckhardt and this one was done at the hospital. I was treated very well. After the surgery the staff was very compassionate with all of my needs. I was very happy with the results. I plan on having a third surgery to lift and reduce my breast. Dr Eckhardt and his staff are very comfortable to be around."


-D.A.D. Liposuction*

*Individual results may vary. The information, testimonials, videos and patient photos provided on this website are for informational purposes only and should not serve as a substitute for a professional consultation or advice. Please contact our office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Eckhardt to find out the types of services and procedures that are best suited to your medical or aesthetic needs. Every written testimonial on this site is a voluntary, self-submitted account from one of our patients. Full names and/or faces have been eliminated from testimonials and before/after photos when requested to protect the privacy of our patients. Our before & after photos may not be copied, shared or used in any other way without written permission of Dr. Eckhardt, MD FACS in Moline, IL. 

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