Of the many procedures I have had with Dr. Eckhardt...they have all turned out better than expected! I guess that is why I have kept coming back. The liposuction procedure I had done was absolutely remarkable. 85% of my abdominal fat was removed! No more love handles-FOREVER! My next procedure is to have a short scar facelift. I am so looking forward to it as I know it will make me feel more confident about my looks and take years off my looks! Worth every penny...You can't put a price on feeling good and confidence about your personal appearance! Thanks again.” - R.G.*

“This has been my 2nd surgery with Dr Aric Eckhardt and this one was done at the hospital. I was treated very well. After the surgery the staff was very compassionate with all of my needs. I was very happy with the results. I plan on having a third surgery to lift and reduce my breasts. Dr. Eckhardt and his staff are very comfortable to be around.”-D.A.D.*

“For a number of years I was an avid runner, the time spent pounding the pavement was taking a toll on my knees. After the birth of my daughter 7 years ago, my interests in working out had to change due to the stress on my knees. I took up kickboxing, tae kwon do, and weight training. I lost the ‘baby weight,’ but I wasn't satisfied with the results in my abdomen. I could feel the muscles, but I wasn't popping through like I had hoped. A layer of fat and stretched skin was preventing that. I had read about liposuction and how that best candidates were those who needed a push over the last hurdle towards their goal. With my diet and exercise regiment, I thought I was the right candidate. Dr. Eckhardt confirmed that. He made sure my expectations were realistic and all my questions had been answered. The procedure and recovery went very well. The most difficult part was having to gradually ease back into my workout routine. I'm not good at ‘taking it easy.’ By now I'm back to my usual routine of taking/teaching classes and lifting weights. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I'm inspired to work even harder and have managed to inspire some women in my classes. It's such a compliment to hear someone say, ‘I wish I had abs like yours.’ I've got Dr. Eckhardt to thank for those compliments and my improved self-esteem.” - D.M.*

“Dr. Eckhardt and his staff were very caring and understanding. I told him what I wanted to do and he explained what he thought would be best. When I called with questions or concerns he returned my calls quickly and made me feel very comfortable. I am very happy with the results and would recommend him highly to anyone.” - M.K., Breast Augmentation & Liposuction*

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