“Aging gracefully was not one of my better attributes. Having lost over 100 lbs. and had a hysterectomy, my skin was just not recovering. My face began to sag and deep lines around my mouth and neck were extremely discouraging to me. I felt like I had aged 10 years in one year and wanted it back. Having the facial lift brought back 10 years I was wanting back and then some. I feel youthful again. I don’t mind looking in the mirror now and seeing the younger me again.”  - Anonymous*

“I first learned about Dr. Eckhardt on his commercial on TV. When I saw Dr. Eckhardt’s kind and compassionate face I knew he was the doctor for me. He has done two surgeries for me!!! First, a short scar facelift and then a breast lift. Both procedures have turned out phenomenal! They have made such a difference in my life. First, they have made me look 20 years younger. Second, it has made a difference in my sex life. Third, I don’t look old and sad; I truly look and feel happy! Dr. Eckhardt is not only a perfectionist but he is passionate about his work. I truly believe he cares about his patients and wants to do the very best for all them.  Dr. Eckhardt’s staff is wonderful. They are truly kind, professional and supportive. I still have one more surgery planned in the future and that is a thigh lift. And I cannot wait to have it done! If you are looking for a plastic surgeon please go and have a consultation with Dr. Eckhardt.”  - J.A., Facelift followed by Breast Lift Surgery*

“Several years ago I decided to have breast augmentation surgery and went to my daughter who is a surgical nurse and asked her who she thought the best plastic surgeon, as she had been present at many of these procedures. She told me Dr. Eckhardt M.D. My procedure went smoothly and my results are outstanding (as my husband would say). So when I decided at age 57 to have a neck and eye lift there was no question of who was going to perform my surgery. I was at first apprehensive of having this surgery done in his office under local, but he assured me I would feel nothing and as I trusted him completely, I scheduled my surgery. I felt no pain, no tugging, or pulling at all. The surgery was surprisingly quite comfortable. The first day or two after are a little rough, although I can’t say I was in pain. It was the swelling that made me feel off, and sleeping sitting up for two weeks is no picnic… But the results are more than I expected. People, who don’t know me, guess my age to be fifteen+ years younger than I am. Dr. Eckhardt’s staff is very accommodating and personable. When I would come in for my follow up appointments, they treat you as a friend - not just a client. If I was to have any other procedure there is no question of whom I would go to. Thank you, Dr. Eckhardt and staff.”  - C.F., Breast Augmentation followed by Neck & Eye Lift Surgery*

“People tell me I smile with my eyes. But, I've only recently wanted to smile. Dr. Eckhardt has given me confidence in myself that I didn't know possible.”  - E.F., Facelift Surgery*

“Thanks to Dr. Eckhardt for performing my facelift and prescribing OBAGI products. I have regained confidence in myself again. Thank you Dr. Eckhardt.”  - E.J.F., Facelift Surgery & Obagi Skincare Products*

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“I had eye lid surgery for many reasons, mainly my vision when I drove my car. When I was passing a car and going to back into my lane, I would look to see if there was a safe distance in going back into my lane. I sometimes would not see the car I was passing; several times I almost caused an accident, which scared me. Also, when I looked up with my eyes, I would see my eyelids. They were so large. Some of my friends would call me ‘Old Bag Eyes.’ They said it only teasing, but I was very sensitive to the remark. I would look at myself in the mirror and they were right. I became self-conscious, not wanting my picture taken, and I would think people were looking at my eyes when we were talking. Christmas pictures, several years ago, I saw my side profile of myself. I couldn't believe that my cheeks and chin had drooped so badly. Once again I didn't want my picture taken of my face. I didn't like the way I looked, I didn't go out much, and I preferred staying at home. I would look at other women my age and they didn't have the cheeks and chin I had. At work one day I was talking to a lady (my age) and she didn't look her age. I stated that to her and she said she had a facelift and has been happy since she had the surgery. I was referred to Dr. Eckhardt who did my eye, facelift, and brow-tuck surgeries. He explained the surgeries in detail. I had the eye surgery first, then the facelift. I have not regretted having the surgery done. I now have pictures taken, feel great about myself - a moral lift (I say). I went on a cruise with my daughter and several people on the cruise thought we were sisters (and I am 24 years older). Some of my closest friends said I look great and I appear to be happier. I go out in public more and love to have my pictures taken. I feel better about myself, feel much younger, and have fun. I just recently met a male friend that I have been spending much time with and who knows what the outcome will be. Addendum: When I went to my 40th class reunion, there were remarks to me about my appearance that I looked younger, happier, energetic, and had a great personality. I feel like a new person, thank you Dr. Eckhardt!!!”  - S.H., Facelift & Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)*

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