Rejuvenate your Skin! With skinbetter science®

Are you looking for a skincare regimen that brightens, tightens, tones and makes your skin glow? Try the Rejuvenating Trio from skinbetter science® now available at Dr. Eckhardt's office in Moline! With this amazing skincare trio, you'll get the ultimate combination of face wash, face serum and overnight cream for maximum results.

To use the trio, you'll start with the "Oxygen Infusion Wash" to cleanse your face. This multi-tasking cleanser works to brighten skin with oxygen, refreshen your face with hydroxy acids, and remove oils, makeup and dead skin cells.

The next step in your facial skincare regimen will be the "Even Tone Correcting Serum." This is a non-retinol serum that packs a serious punch. It has been shown to reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, reduce yellowing of skin, and brighten skin's overall tone.

After cleansing and applying the serum, the last step in your new skincare regimen with the Rejuvenating Trio will be the "Alpharet Overnight Cream." This retinoid cream combines with lactic acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in less than a month, help with overall moisture, and protect against free radical damage. Apply a thin layer all over your face just before bed and let the magic happen while you get your beauty rest - combine with the Even Tone Correcting Serum for even more dramatic results!

To learn more about the Rejuvenating Trio and skinbetter science® check out their website!

Call Dr. Eckhardt's office today at 309-764-450 to learn more about skinbetter products. Schedule a consultation to learn if this skincare regimen is right for you.

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