Get ready for vacation with Natrelle® implants!

Get ready for spring break, a weekend in Cabo or your upcoming summer vacation with Natrelle implants!

Find your Natrelle fit at Dr. Eckhardt in Moline, Illinois! If you are searching for the perfect shape and the fullest range of options - then Natrelle® Gel implants could be right for you! Call Dr. Eckhardt today at 309-764-4650 to learn more.

Whether you are looking for that classic fullness, increased size or a better shape, Natrelle® Gel implants offer a wide variety to fit nearly any body type. The Natrelle INSPIRA® implants are designed to offer increased fullness and a soft feel. These are a round gel breast implant to be used in a breast augmentation procedure.

The Natrelle Classic® implants are a class round shape. This style gives you a classic round appearance. Available in various sizes and projections, the classic look is a classic choice!

If you prefer a shape that fits in with your curves, the Natrelle 410® could be the option for you. This implant is a more teardrop shape that offers you a natrual, curved fullness.

Besides use in breast augmentation, the Natrelle 410® implants are also suited for breast reconstruction surgery. Get back to your natural shape with Natrelle!

If you prefer a different option besides gel, silicone implants, consider the Natrelle® Saline implants. This variety also comes in a wide range of shapes, fullness and projections.

Breast augmentation with Natrelle® is suitable for women over the age of 18, or 22, depending on the type and style of implant. Contact Dr. Eckhardt in Moline today at 309-764-4650 to learn more and to schedule a consultation. Know all of your options before making a decision! Get ready to look and feel your best this spring and summer!

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