How does Fraxel laser therapy work?

Reveal Smoother, Younger Looking Skin with Fraxel®

If you are searching for a non-surgical way to get the younger-looking skin you want, consider laser therapy, like Fraxel.

What is Fraxel?

Fraxel is a non-invasive, laser therapy treatment that focuses on improving the appearance of your skin. From minimizing fine lines and wrinkles to lessening acne scars or sunspots, Fraxel has a wide variety of treatment options that can be customized to fit your individual needs.

How does Fraxel work?

Fraxel works by using laser technology to stimulate growth below your top skin layers. Our doctor and medical staff will use a precision hand piece to safely direct the light on the desired areas of your face. The fractional lasers inside the hand piece directly penetrate the top layer of your skin. The magic happens underneath your skin – where collagen is stimulated by Fraxel light energy and results in a resurfaced appearance of your upper skin layer.

How long before I see results with Fraxel?

Since Fraxel works by sending fractional lasers under the surface of your skin and stimulates the natural skin cells, most patients will see results after 1-3 weeks. With several treatments, results will become more noticeable.

What does it feel like?

Many patients describe Fraxel treatments as feeling like a slight “sunburn sensation” on the skin. Patients may experience reddening of the skin after treatment, although results vary. With repeated treatments, patients can grow accustomed to the sensation and experience less reddening.

Check out this patient’s experience of using Fraxel!

Is Fraxel laser therapy safe to use?

Fraxel technology has been clinically tested for many years, will nearly a million successful treatments performed. Fraxel is consistently being tested in clinical trials at the Solta Medical Aesthetic Center. Solta Medical is the manufacturer of Fraxel.

At Dr. Eckhardt’s office in Moline, we offer only safe and effective treatments that have been vigorously tested in clinical trials. While each patient’s experience can be different, we are committed to making sure that we develop a treatment plan that works with your comfort level to produce the results you desire.

How do I make an appointment for Fraxel?

Contact us today at Dr. Eckhardt’s in Moline, IL to schedule your consultation to learn more about Fraxel. Once we discuss your wishes and the results you are looking for, we can develop a unique treatment plan that works best with your skin type and your schedule!

Call us at 309-764-4650 or email us to schedule your consultation today.

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