Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery can be an incredible relief for women with unusually large, sagging, or disproportionate breasts. Women with large breasts know how uncomfortable they can make your daily life. Pressure from bra straps causes pain in the shoulders and back. Many women who have breast reduction also comment on how much more confident they feel about their body, and say that they feel their reduced breast size better fits their inner image. Dr. Aric Eckhardt also regularly treats men with unwanted extra fat in the chest area with a similar procedure. Regardless of gender, breast reduction is truly a wonderful area of plastic surgery, and patient satisfaction rates among the most popular procedures available at our Quad City-area practice.

We have provided breast reduction surgery for women of all ages and from all areas of Illinois and Iowa at our Quad City center. The procedure reduces breast size by removing excess fat, breast tissue, and skin through carefully placed incisions, which are decided upon prior to breast reduction surgery. There are several options regarding incision placement. Unfortunately, breast reduction cannot be successful without some remaining scars. However, to reduce scarring to a minimum Dr. Eckhardt uses the most precise techniques at his Quad City practice.

During your breast reduction consultation with Dr. Eckhardt at his Quad City practice, you will discuss your reasons for having a breast reduction as well as your goals. Dr. Eckhardt will explain the procedure in great detail to make sure you feel completely comfortable. He strives to educate his patients as best as possible about every procedure he performs.

The recovery period after a breast reduction varies among patients. Many return to work within one to two weeks after the operation, and return to more active lifestyles within four to six weeks. The visibility of scarring after breast reduction surgery will reduce steadily for several months following the procedure.

After breast reduction, our patients are amazed at how much better they feel. Many take up entirely new lifestyles, playing more sports and participating in other recreational activities they never could with large, heavy breasts. Other patients simply enjoy the comfort of smaller, lighter breasts and freedom to wear a wider variety of clothing.

If you are interested in a breast reduction, contact our Quad City-area office today. Dr. Eckhardt looks forward to speaking with you soon.

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