Choose Botox® Cosmetic for smoother skin!

If you are looking for immediate results to eliminate lines around your eyes, forehead or brow, consider Botox® cosmetic! Botox® is amazing for giving you smoother, softer skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At Dr. Eckhardt MD FACS and Reflections Medical Spa, our trained aesthetician will provide you with top of the line Botox® cosmetic treatment, giving you noticeable results in an extremely short period of time!

Botox® Cosmetic is the only approved treatment to treat severe lines between the eyebrows, on the forehead and crows feet surrounding the eyes. Botox® works by temporarily reducing muscle activity in specific areas of the face. Botox® is a treatment used in over 78 countries, by millions of patients. After years of successful results, Botox® remains one of the top selling cosmetic products of its kind.

If you want to get in the medical spa and out within 10 minutes and have results to show within 24-48 hours, then Botox® might be right for you. With results that last up to four months, Botox® cosmetic is truly the option for a busy, workingwoman that needs results fast. Plus, most patients experience Botox® as only a slight pinch, making it a nonsurgical option with minimal pain.

Dr. Eckhardt MD FACS and Reflections Medical Spa are proud to be a high quality, experienced provide of Botox® Cosmetic products. Our staff have been trained and have years of experience to make you feel comfortable. If this is your first time with Botox®, then stop by for a consultation and let us tell you all about it! We also use the Brilliant Distinctions program, so you can start stocking up on your beauty points with Botox® Cosmetic at Dr. Eckhardt in Moline, Illinois.

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