"I had a Cellfina treatment from Dr Eckhardt yesterday. It's a one time cellulite treatment. It wasn't a long process, and with only minimal pain. He & his staff were very kind, informative, & supportive. They made the experience very comfortable." Facebook User Review, January 2017*

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"Dr. Eckhardt is amazing. He has such a calm attitude, answers all your questions/concerns, takes the time to walk you through the whole process, and tells you to call with any questions you may have. I will be recommending him for anyone I know who is looking to have surgery done. His staff is amazing as well! The nurses on the day of the surgery did awesome at keeping me calm and cracking jokes to keep my mind off what was going to happen. They all deserve more than a 5 star rating! Real Self User Review, 2016*

"All of the staff is so friendly! I hate needles and when I got my IV for my surgery one of the nurses was nice enough to hold my hand. Always asking if you're comfortable. Dr. Eckhardt is the best and I will most definitely be returning for any other services I need/want." Facebook User Review, June 2016*

"He is such a nice guy. My sister worked for him for a short while and said he was so nice. I went ahead and got two other opinions just to be sure before him but i knew it would be him! My close relative had a procedure and she is very happy and I was there all the time and for every appt so I knew. The technology he uses to show the procedure along with his soft spoken caring way of explaining everything is awesome. It is hard to find a doctor that will take the time with their patients but he does just that! The staff was respectful. It is hard to have to bare your body in front of people but they made me feel comfortable." Real Self User Review, 2016*

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